Women, Family, and Work: Writings on the Economics of Gender

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This is a collection of essays on topics related to the economics of gender and the family. The essays apply traditional economic theory to non-traditional topics, while also stretching and bending neoclassical economic thought to provide a better model of economic interactions.


Notes on Editor and Authors. Acknowledgements. Preface. Part I: Setting the Stage: Introduction: Setting the Stage: An Introduction and Overview: Karine S. Moe (Macalester College). 1. A Feminist Critique of the Neoclassical Theory of the Family: Marianne A. Ferber (Emirita, University of Illinois). Part II: The Economics of Marriage: 2. Rational Choice and the Price of Marriage: Robert Cherry: (Brooklyn College and Graduate Center, CUNY). 3. Conceptualizing and Measuring Bargaining Power within the Household: Cheryl Doss: (Yale University). Part III: The Division of Work in the Household: 4. Gains from Trade and Specialization: The Division of Work in Married Couple Households: Leslie Stratton (Virginia Commonwealth University). 5. But.Who Mows the Lawn?: The Division of Labor in Same-Sex Households: Lisa Giddings (Trinity College). Part IV: The Economics of Childbearing and Childcaring: 6. Economic Theories of Fertility: Diane Macunovich (Barnard College). 7. The Child Care Economics Conundrum: Quality versus Affordability: Julie Nelson (Tufts University). 8. The Child Care Problem for Low-Income Working Families: Jean Kimmel (Western Michigan University). Part V: The Gender Gap in Earnings: 9. The Human Capital Explanation for the Gender Gap in Earnings: Joyce P. Jacobsen (Wesleyan University). 10. Occupational Segregation Around the World: Debra Barbezat (Colby College). 11. Labor Market Discrimination: A Case Study of MBAs: Irene Powell (Grinnell College). 12. Employment Discrimination, Economists, and the Law: Joni Hersch (Harvard Law School). Index.


Karine Moe is Assistant Professor of Economics with a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. She has written widely on the subject of gender economics, and has been published in journals such as Feminist Economics and the Review of Economic Dynamics.


'This collection brings together a number of the best feminist economists writing in the US today. Spanning topics from child care to the division of labour in the home, from the gender gap in earnings to the economics of marriage, it goes beyond the standard textbook analysis to provide a deeper understanding of Women, Family, and Work.' Frances Woolley, Carleton University
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