The Art of David Ireland: The Way Things Are

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Dezember 2003



This catalogue is the definitive scholarly monograph on the life and artistic production of San Francisco Bay Area conceptual artist David Ireland and accompanies the first retrospective exhibition of his work.


Preface Dennis M. Power Acknowledgments Scratching the Surface Karen Tsujimoto Consider the Object as Evidence Jennifer R. Gross Chronology Selected Exhibition History Kathy Borgogno and Barbara Eaton Exhibition Checklist and List of Illustrations Selected Bibliography Sharon E. Bliss and Barbara Eaton Index Photography Credits


Karen Tsujimoto is Senior Curator of Art at the Oakland Museum of California, the coauthor of The Art of Joan Brown (California, 1998) and The Art of Peter Voulkos (1995), and the author of Wayne Thiebaud (1985). Jennifer R. Gross, Seymour H. Knox, Jr. Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Yale University Art Gallery, has written about and organized numerous exhibitions on modern and contemporary art, including the work of Abelardo Morell, Jessica Stockholder, and Richard Tuttle.


"David Ireland is an extraordinary artist who has played a pivotal role in the art of the Bay Area for three decades. His approach to art making continues to push the definitions of art and to influence a generation of artists."
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