Reciprocal Haunting: Pat Barker's Regeneration Trilogy

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April 2010



Pat Barker's fictional account of the Great War, The Regeneration Trilogy, completed in 1995, won wide acclaim and established her as a major contemporary British writer. The trilogy conveys a sense of reciprocal haunting; the past returns to haunt the present, but the present also haunts Barker's vision of the past. This haunting quality is developed through an intricate pattern of intertextuality. This study offers a reading of trauma, class, gender and psychology as thematic areas where intertexts are activated, allowing Barker to re-accentuate stories of the past. Drawing on Michel Foucault's concept of discourse and Mikhail Bakhtin's notion of dialogue, it focuses on the trilogy as a link in an intertextual chain of communication about the Great War. Knutsen's reading shows that the trilogy presents social structures from different historical epochs through dialogism and diachronicity, making the present-day matrices of power and knowledge that continue to determine people's lives highly visible. The Regeneration Trilogy regenerates the past, simultaneously confirming Barker's claim that the historical novel can also be "a backdoor into the present".


Introduction; Reciprocal Haunting; Discourse and Dialogue; Overview of the Trilogy; Chapter Overview; 1 Historical and Critical Contexts: 1.1 History as Dialogical Context; 1.2 Discursive Formations of Great War History; 1.3 The Dialogue with History; 1.4 The Dialogue with the War Canon; 1.5 Previous Criticism; 2 Cultural Trauma: 2.1 Defining Cultural Trauma; 2.2 The Trope of Regeneration; 2.3 Undermining Institutionalized Religious Faith; 2.4 Undermining Patriarchy; 2.5 Cross-Cultural Trauma; 2.6 Working through Trauma; 3 The Discourse of Class: 3.1 Working-Class Fiction; 3.2 Prior Voices; 3.3 Victorian Voices; 3.4 Lawrentian Intertexts; 3.5 Her Privates We; 3.6 Forster as Intertext; 3.7 Critical Responses to Prior; 3.8 Changing Class Relations; 4 The Discourse of Gender: 4.1 Constructing Masculinity; 4.2 Homosociality: Male Bonding and Compulsory Heterosexuality; 4.3 Homoeroticism; 4.4 Images of Emasculation; 4.5 Patriarchal Psychoanalysis; 4.6 Stepping Outside the Heterosexual Matrix; 4.7 Women and War; 4.8 Essentialism and the Maternal Myth; 5 The Discourse of Psychology: 5.1 ManagingA" the Population; 5.2 Individual vs. Social Pathology; 5.3 The Complication of Class; 5.4 Recovering Memories; 5.5 Hysteria and Shell Shock; 5.6 The Gaze of the Psychologist; 5.7 The Limits of Psychology


Karen Patrick Knutsen works as a senior lecturer in Englishliterature, academic writing, and teacher training at ØstfoldUniversity College in Halden, Norway.
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