Teaching Through Toponymy

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Mai 2008



Teaching Through Toponymy considers the versatility of indigenous place-names in educating about land, language and (oral) history. Based on collaborative research with Tl'azt'en Nation, Karen Heikkilä explores the meaning of place and belonging to Tl'azt'enne through Dakelh place-names. From the premise that land is an enduring facet of indigenousness, she argues that indigenous place-names have a role in inculcating a sense of place as well as a sense of self. She proposes that a personal connection with the land is vital for full appreciation of ancestral teachings, including Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and discusses the significance of indigenous toponymy in imparting indigenous knowledge and language in the context of the land. Included in the monograph are guidelines for incorporating Dakelh place-names in the Tl'azt'en Nation Yunk'ut Whe Ts'o Dul'eh science camp programme.


Karen Heikkilä received her undergraduate degrees, including a teaching degree, from the University of British Columbia, and her MA in cultural geography from the University of Northern British Columbia. She has lived and worked in Mongolia, Tajikistan and the Canadian Arctic. She currently lives in Finland.
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