Draughtsmen, Botanists and Nature:

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September 2006



This book is the first in-depth study of eighteenth-century botanical illustrations. Its findings offer a completely new insight into the working practices of the botanists and scientific draughtsmen of this period. The author describes the different production stages of these illustrations. For the first time, the author presents a convincing description of how botanical illustrations developed, ascertaining the criteria that drove this process.


Acknowledgments Introduction The Making of Botanical Illustrations The Content of Botanical Illustrations The Role of Botanical Illustrations Visual Language Links with Tradition The Construction of Botanical Illustrations Appendix I: Methods and Materials Appendix II: List of References of the Picture Selection


From the reviews:
"It is the first thorough study of eighteenth century botanical illustrations. ... The book is richly illustrated with well chosen pictures, facilitating the discussion. In all, this is a book that can be warmly recommended to all interested in the history of botany as well as in the pictorial world of Linnaeus' times." (Gunilla Törnvall, Svenska Linnesällscapets Arsskrift, 2008)
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