Building a Prosperous Southeast Asia: Moving from Ersatz to Echt Capitalism

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Professor Yoshihara, an international expert on the Southeast Asian economies, looks beyond the causes of the current crisis to discuss what can be done to build a dynamic economy in Asia to ensure prosperity for the future. He takes the viewpoint that the only way to achieve this is to promote integration into the global economy through free trade and free capital movement. He puts forward a convincing argument that government intervention is not the way forward and has in fact helped cause the present crisis. But a prosperous future is possible, he argues, by renovating institutions and adapting new attitudes. A most timely book with lessons for other parts of the world as well as for Southeast Asia.


The economic crisis: how serious is it and how did it all begin; the crisis, Thailand - the epicentre; contagion; the crisis deepens in Indonesia. Don't think retro - go for a barrier free world; opt for a fixed exchange rate regime; be more open. Government should specialize and strengthen - establish free market rules; fair referees are needed; fair rules and refereeing for the weak as well as for the strong; how to create free market rules and fair referees. reinventing culture - institutions and culture; political culture; culture and individual choice; cultural policy. Brave the future - adopt the Hong Kong model; confront the "nationalists"; basic guidelines for building a dynamic economy; capitalism is politically determined; a political action programme.
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