Targetting Groundwater Using Resistivity Methods in 74-Krishnapuram

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Januar 2013



Among the various geophysical techniques based on the physical properties of the earth, electrical methods are important. Resistivity techniques with artificial current sources are widely used for the ground water explorations. In this project work, an attempt has been made of evaluate the groundwater potentiality in two acres of land at 74-Krishnapuram village, Gangavalli Taluk, Salem District. Two locations, have been selected and 60 meters in each location, have been explored for water potentiality. It is found that one site is suitable for dug well and also for bore-well drilling. The physical principles involved, field procedures employed and interpretations followed have been provided in this work. The empirical data are interpreted and results are furnished at the book. Later the area was visited and found that the results are exactly reflected during drilling.


The author, MSc, PGDip (GWE & M), PhD, Assistant Professor in Department of Civil Engineering of Kings College of Engineering, Punalkulam, Thanjavur, India, is basically a Geologist. He has specialized in hydrogeochemical, hydrogeophysical, Remote Sensing and GIS. He has published 22 research papers in various national and international Journals.
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