Historical Dictionary of Singapore

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Entries in this dictionary highlight and trace Singapore's history from a legendary past and its modern founding in 1819 to its evolution to its emergence as a post-war battleground of communist, socialist, democratic, and colonial interests and ideologies. With bibliography, chronology, maps, index, and tables of government leaders, cabinet members, general election results, and population by ethnicity and Chinese dialect groups.


B>Kent Mulliner (MLS, Kent State University), Assistant to the Dean of University Libraries at Ohio University, has studied, taught, and written on Southeast Asia or over 30 years, including co-editing Malaysia Studies and Southeast Asia, an Emerging Center of World Influence? He is Chair of the national Malatsia/Singapore/Brunei Studies Committee and past Chair of Southeast Asia Microform Project (SEAM). Lian The-Mulliner (BA, Airlangga University), Head of Southeast Asia Collection, Ohio University, was born and educated in East Java. She co-compiled the pioneering Treasures and Trivia: Doctoral Dissertations on Southeast Asia Accepted by Universities in the United States and The Verhandelingen van het Bataviaasch Genootschap: An Annotated Content Analysis. They are jointly researching a biographical history of Americans in early Singapore.
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