Reasoning and Thinking

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April 1999



This undergraduate textbook reviews psychological research in the major areas of reasoning and thinking: deduction, induction, hypothesis testing, probability judgement, and decision making. It covers the major theoretical debates in each area, and also devotes a chapter to one of the liveliest issues in the field: the question of human rationality. Central themes that recur throughout the book include not only rationality, but also the relation between normative theories such as logic, probability theory, and decision theory, and human performance, both in experiments and in the world outside the laboratory. No prior acquaintance with formal systems is assumed, and everyday examples are used throughout to illustrate technical and theoretical points. The range of material covered is much wider than comparable texts, which tend to focus primarily on either reasoning or thinking. This is also the first student-level text to survey an important new theoretical perspective - the information-gain or rational analysis approach - and to review the rationality debate from the standpoint of psychological research in a wide range of areas.


Reasoning and Thinking: A Four-way Introduction. Deduction: Experiments with Syllogisms. Deduction: Experiments with "if" and other Connectives. Deduction: Biases and Content Effects. Theories of Deduction. Hypothesis Testing. Induction. Judging Probability. Decision Making. Reasoning, Thinking, and Rationality.


""This book is very thorough in its coverage of topics in reasoning. Dr Manktelow has a clear and refreshing writing style which makes the material both understandable and interesting. His ability to explain complex material, and to do so with wit, are much to be appreciated."
-Roger L. Dominowski, University of Illinois at Chicago."
"In this crowded market, Ken Manktelow's book provides a highly accessible introduction to the topics encompassed by "reasoning and thinking." The writing is clear and succinct, and even some of the more technical aspects such as the calculations for "information gain" were easy to follow."
-David Hardman, City University, London."
"This book is an impressive achievement, it is up to date, it is unbiased in its treatment of the diverse theoretical approaches in the area, it combines depth with breadth while also remaining lucid and clear - I will definitely be recommending this text to my students."
-Mike Oaksford, University of Wales, Cardiff."
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