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In 1989, with his media empire on the brink of collapse, Max Robertson dies mysteriously, apparently committing suicide. Now, six months on, ex-Mossad agent Sam Woolfman is hired to find Robertson's missing 50-million - a job that has already claimed the lives of five men. Using his espionage expertise Sam's investigation takes him throughout Europe, extracting and deciphering what clues he can. As he delves deeper into the dark underbelly of Robertson's murky business dealings, he discovers that Robertson's death may have been more sinister than it first appeared. In a web of intrigue, betrayal and deceit, Sam's loyalty and allegiance are tested. Unsure of who he can really trust he sets out to discover the truth.


Juval Aviv is President and CEO of Interfor, Inc., an international corporate intelligence and investigations firm. Since its inception, Interfor's asset investigation services have recovered over $10 billion worldwide for its clients. Before founding Interfor, Juval served as an officer in the Israel Defense Force (Major, retired) leading an elite Commando/Intelligence Unit and was later selected by the Israeli Secret Service (Mossad) to participate in a number of intelligence and special operations in many countries in the late 1960s and 1970s. In 1984, a true account of one mission was published entitled Vengeance which inspired the major motion picture, Munich , directed by Steven Spielberg.

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