Debating Franklin D. Roosevelt's Foreign Policies, 1933 1945

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Juni 2005



Franklin D. Roosevelt led the United States through some of the most dramatic and trying foreign and domestic episodes in its history. In Debating Franklin D. Roosevelt's Foreign Policies, noted historians Justus D. Doenecke and Mark A. Stoler offer strongly differing perspectives on the Roosevelt years, finding disparate meanings from common data. Through their contrary viewpoints, supplemented by carefully-chosen documents, readers are empowered to examine the issues and draw their own conclusions about FDR's controversial foreign policy.


Introduction Part I: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy: An Ambiguous Legacy, by Justus D. Doenecke
1: Roosevelt to William Phillips, Acting Secretary of State
2: Memorandum on Neutrality by R. Walton Moore, Assistant Secretary of State, August 27, 1935
3: President Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Quarantine" Speech, October 5, 1937
4: The Atlantic Charter, August 14, 1941 (White House News Release)
5: War on Submarines, Radio Address by President Roosevelt, September 11, 1941
6: Transcription of Press Conference at Casablanca, January 24, 1943 Part II: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy: Flawed, but Superior to the Competition, by Mark A. Stoler 1: The Neutrality Acts, 1935-1939 2: President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Proposal for Lend-Lease Aid to Great Britain, December 17 and 29, 1940 3: President Roosevelt's War Message, December 8, 1941 4: The Teheran Conference Minutes, November 29-30, 1943 5: The Churchill-Roosevelt Agreement on Atomic Energy, September 18, 1944 6: The Yalta Protocol of Proceedings
7: Roosevelt's Messages to Stalin and Churchill, 1945 Bibliography


Justus D. Doenecke is professor of history at the New College of Florida. Mark A. Stoler is professor of history at the University of Vermont.


Both scholars cover the whole of FDR's foreign policies in a concise yet nuanced fashion, they present intellectually consistent arguments that gibe with their own previous scholarship, and they bring authority to their different perspectives with objectivity and without any 'Cross-Fire' hype. -- Garry Clifford, University of Connecticut Among our best, and most provocative scholars who are writing on the FDR years, Justus Doenecke and Mark Stoler are also distinguished teachers. In this book their scholarship and teaching skills mesh to provide alternative overviews of Roosevelt-accompanied by well-chosen, revealing documents-that will trigger debates inside and outside of the classroom. -- Walter LaFeber, Tisch University Professor, Cornell University Opens up the issues and sources for one of the critical periods of 20th-century history in a novel, interesting, and useful way. -- David Reynolds, Cambridge University, author of From Munich to Pearl Harbor In this provocative volume, two distinguished historians reappraise Franklin Roosevelt's highly controversial foreign policies from divergent perspectives. Roosevelt's record, they agree, was neither black nor white but mottled. But how mottled, and why, and compared to what alternatives? Roosevelt's defenders and detractors-and the still uncommitted-will profit from pondering the differing answers that Doenecke and Stoler offer. -- George H. Nash, author of The Life of Herbert Hoover Debating Frankline D. Roosevelt's Foreign Policies illustrates how events and policies are open to differing interpretations. As a result, it is an outstanding book for those embarking on the study of history in general and U.S. diplomatic history in particular. -- Mary Glantz The Journal Of Military History There is no better way to become familiar with the fascinating journey made by FDR from inexperienced new president to an architect of victory and of the postwar world. Doenecke and Stoler neatly lay out the arguments over Roosevelt's policies, debates that are surprisingly relevant to the world of the early 21st century. -- Warren F. Kimball, Rutgers University
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