Human Adult Odontometrics: The Study of Variation in Adult Tooth Size

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This book has an important role in demonstrating to students the diverse practical applications of odontometrics.


Foreword Phillip Tobias; Preface; Introduction; 1. Measurement of tooth size; 2. Comparative odontometry; 3. Odontometric trends; 4. Sexual dimorphism in tooth size; 5. Odontometric variability; 6. Compensatory tooth size interactions; 7. Fluctuating odontometric asymmetry; 8. Allometric relations of tooth size; 9. Odontometric appendix; References; Index.


"...a well written, usefully illustrated text, with a very good bibliography. Of particular value is the excellent table of comparative human dental diameters. The principal conceptual issues in the field are equitably and thoroughly enough presented. The experienced academician of this topic will find the book a must, and it will probably become a well-used and long-remembered reference source for present and future students of this continually necessary work. It is recommended without hesitation or reservation to those interested in the precise study of tooth size." Annals of Dentistry "...a useful first step toward a definitive text on odontometrics." Paul W. Sciulli, American Journal of Human Biology "...a fine study in the measurement and variations of human teeth." American Association of Forensic Dentists "...the best review available." L.M. Van Valen, Evolutionary Theory and Review " well written that readers will take pleasure in extracting the information from its pages. Kieser covers every aspect of human dentition relating to the use of such data in characterizing and comparing populations. The volume is elegantly arranged, extremely well illustrated, and carefully indexed...should be in every good research library, as well as in the hands of physical anthropologists involved in the study and interpretation of excavated skeletal collections of human skeletons." Marshall Joseph Becker, American Journal of Archaelogy
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