Perspectives on Software Requirements

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November 2003



Perspectives On Software Requirements presents perspectives on several current approaches to software requirements. Each chapter addresses a specific problem where the authors summarize their experiences and results to produce well-fit and traceable requirements. Chapters highlight familiar issues with recent results and experiences, which are accompanied by chapters describing well-tuned new methods for specific domains.


Preface. Acknowledgements.
1. Perspectives on Software Requirements: An Introduction; J.C. Sampaio do Prado Leite, J.H. Doorn.
2. Ambiguity in Requirements Specification; D.M. Berry, E. Kamsties.
3. Task-Driven Requirements in Object-Oriented Development; B. Paech, K. Kohler.
4. Surfacing Requirements Interactions; W.N. Robinson.
5. Requirements Traceability; F.A.C. Pinheiro.
6. Non-Functional Requirements Elicitation; L.M. Cysneiros, E. Yu.
7. Requirements Engineering in the Information Assurance Domain: The Common Criteria Evaluation Process; R. Prieto-Díaz.
8. Defining System Context Using Scenarios; J.C. Sampaio do Prado Leite, J.H. Doorn, G.N. Kaplan, G.D. S. Hadad, M.N. Ridao.
9. Semi Automatic Generation of User Interface Prototypes from Early Requirement Models; J. Sánchez Díaz, O. Pastor López, H. Estrada Esquivel, A. Martínez Rebollar, J. Belenguer Fáguas.
10. Strategically Defining and Exploiting Product Portfolios with a Product Line Approach; K. Schmid.
11. Agent-Driven Requirements Engineering; J. Castro, J. Mylopoulos, C. Silva.
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