A United Kingdom?: Economic, Social and Political Geographies

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Oktober 1999



The human geography of the UK is reshaped by a number of forces. This book aims to chart the processes underpinning uneven development. It draws upon and synthesises the contemporary research findings and discusses the interrelated nature of economic, social and political geographies and questions where processes of change are tending towards.


Cartographies and geographies A place in the world The reconfiguration of state intervention Geographies of production: deindustrialisation and reindustrialisation Geographies of production: sunbelts and new industrial spaces? Geographies of labour markets: flexibility and fragmentation Geographies of money and finance Class, geography and social polarisation Spatial divisions of welfare Place and political moblisation Subnational government in the UK: reconciling function, area and local democracy Managing uneven development: philosophies, policies and impacts Sustainable geographies? A place in the World, II: millennial prospects, millenarian visions.


This well priced book will find an audience of both students and lecturers/teachers across the discipline of human geography. An invaluable introduction to those studying the material for the first time, as well as an excellent summary (and reminder), to those having studied human geography at a general level prior to specializing. Area and Transactions This volume is a significant introduction for undergraduates to the fractured but, still, United Kingdom in which they will live their lives. It deserves widespread use. Scottish Geography Journal
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