Women's Intercultural Performance

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This is the first in-depth examination of contemporary intercultural performance by women around the world. Contemporary feminist performance is explored in the contexts of current intercultural practices, theories and debates.
Holledge and Tompkins provide ways of thinking about and analysing contemporary performance and representations of the performing, female, culturally-marked body. The book includes discussions of:
* ritual performance by women from Central Australia and Korea
* the cultural exchange of A Doll's House and Antigone
* plays from Algeria, South Africa and Ghana
* the work of the Takarazuka revue company
* the market forces that govern the distribution of women and women's performance.
This is an essential read for anyone studying or interested in women's performance.


Introduction 1. Narrative Trajectories: A Doll's House and Antigone 2. Ritual translocations: Kim Kum Hwa and Warlpiri Women 3. Layering Spice: Staging and Remembering 'Home' 4. Intercultural Bodies: Meetings in the Flesh 5. Intercultural Markets: The Female Body and Censorship Bibliography


Julie Holledge is Director of the Drama Centre at Flinders University, Australia. Joanne Tompkins is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English at the University of Queensland, Australia.


'The book's questions and issues are relevant to academics and students, as well as to performance makers and programmers.' - NTQ
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