The Educational Situation of Roma in Bulgaria

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Mai 2008



In Bulgaria, Roma are the minority with the highest risk of unemployment and the lowest level of education. Alongside the drop out from education for economic reasons that is widespread among young Roma, patterns that are inherent to the educational system discourage them additionally from school attendance. Roma as an ethnic group, Romani culture and history are not reflected in the curriculum. With few exceptions, teachers are not aware of customs and traditions in Romani families. Therefore deviant behaviour of Romani school-students is perceived as disturbing and abnormal. Cultural and religious diversity is not valued but refused as inferior, which makes it less likely that young Roma are accepted by classmates and feel regarded.
This volume analyses the complex and discouraging situation of Roma in the Bulgarian education system. It concludes with comprehensive policy recommendations.


Juliane Drews was born in 1981. The political scientist is working for the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Budapest. She has been active in various political and civic organizations over the past 15 years. During her extended stays in the Balkans she developed her regional expertise that focuses especially on Roma as vulnerable group.
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