Immunocytochemistry and in Situ Hybridization in the Biomedical Sciences

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Oktober 2000



Immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization are widely used biomedical
sciences. They are essential in medical diagnosis and in cell biology
research. Affinity labeling is the central goal of the experimental
strategy involving a series of techniques in a logical order; from the
effects of specimen fixation, through specimen preparation to expose the
antigen, to optimizing immunolabeling, to assessing the result and
finally to safety considerations. Numerous examples of these techniques
in biomedical sciences are included, as well as experimental assays and
practical tips. This survey of methods will serve as an invaluable
reference source in any laboratory setting (academic, industrial or
clinical) involved in research in almost every branch of biology or
medicine, as well as in pharmaceutical, biotechnological and clinical


Introduction / Specimen Fixation / Specimen Preparation in Methodology / Immunolabelling Techniques / Antigen Retrieval / In Situ Hybridization / FISH / In situ PCR / Image Analysis and Statistics / Safety / Applications of Affinity Labelling in Biomedical Sciences / Applications of Affinity Labelling in the Pharmaceutical Sciences
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