Great Thinkers A-Z

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Great Thinkers, AZ brings together 100 short, accessible snapshots of the people who have shaped Western thought from the ancient Greeks to today. The snapshots, written by the worlds leading experts, describe a major thinkers life and work with suggestions for further reading on each one. Covering philosophers as well as cultural and scientific thinkerssuch as Foucault, Darwin, Einstein and Freudwho have had a major impact on philosophy, Great Thinkers, AZ is the ideal book for anyone interested in the history of ideas and in contemporary thought.


Adorno; Arendt; Aquinas; Aristotle; Augustine; Avicenna; Ayer; Bacon; Baudrillard; de Beauvoir; Benjamin; Bentham; Bergson; Berkeley; Boethius; Brentano; Butler; Camus; Carnap; Chomsky; Churchland; Cixous; Collingwood; Comte; Craik; Croce; Darwin; Davidson; Deleuze; Dennett; Descartes; Derrida; Dewey; Dilthey; Duns Scotus; Einstein; Foucault; Frege; Freud; Gadamer; Godel; Habermas; Hayek; Hegel; Heidegger; Hobbes; Hume; Husserl; Irigaray; James; Kant; Kierkegaard; Kripke; Kristeva; Kuhn; Leibniz; Levinas; Lewis; Locke; Machiavelli; MacIntyre; Marx; MacMurray; Merleau-Ponty; Mill; Montaigne; Moore; Nagel; Negri; Nietzsche; Nozick; Nussbaum; Paine; Pascal; Peirce; Plato; Plotinus; Popper; Putnam; Pythagoras; Quine; Rawls; Rorty; Rousseau; Russell; Santayana; Sartre; Schopenhauer; Searle; Seneca; Sidgwick; Singer; Socrates; Spinoza; Taylor; Turing; Vico; Weil; Whitehead; Wittgenstein; Zeno.


Julian Baggini is co-editor (with Jeremy Stangroom) of The Philosophers' Magazine (, Great Thinkers A-Z (2004) and New British Philosophy: The Interviews (2002). He is also the author of The Pig That Wants to be Eaten and What's It All About? Philosophy and the Meaning of Life (both Granta, 2005). Jeremy Stangroom is co-editor, with Julian Baggini, of The Philosophers' Magazine and co-author of Do You Think What You Think You Think? (Granta, 2006), What Philosophers Think and Great Thinkers A-Z. He and Ophelia Benson are co-authors of Why Truth Matters and The Dictionary of Fashionable Nonsense (Souvenir, 2004).


"If you just can't remember what you learned in college about Gottlob Frege or Gilbert Ryle, this is the place to turn for help. The editors' selections are both comprehensive and somewhat idiosyncratic, as they admit in their introduction: not every great thinker is included in the 100 here, but rather the representative of all major schools of thought, from Pythagoras to postmodern. This is not philosophy for dummies Kant will never be simple but the author of each segment boils the thinker's idea's down to a point where they can be fairly well absorbed. Most useful to the student who needs a quick reference on these thinkers and their ideas, this volume also provides lists of suggested reading for those who wish to use it as a starting point for further investigation."--Sanford Lakoff "Publishers Weekly "
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