Beyond Contractual Morality: Ethics, Law, and Literature in Eighteenth-Century France

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Dezember 2000



Beyond Contractual Morality looks at current debates over the meaning of liberalism by reexamining their roots in eighteenth-century texts, which demonstrate the historical intertwining of political, legal and moral problems in their extension of social contract theory into various realms of public and private lives. Writers such as Rousseau, Voltaire, Sade, and Montesquieu are discussed.


Acknowledgments i Introduction 1 Part I: Education 28 Chapter 1: The Dilemma of Public Education: 43 Individual Rights and Civic Responsibilities Individual Rights and Private Education Civic Education and Virtue Contractual Obligations Chapter 2: Property, Contract, and Tort: 64 The Limits of Freedom in Rousseau's Emile Freedom Independence and Abstract Individualism: The 'Natural' Man? Abstract Individualism and Property Rights: Morality? Moral Education in Adolescence Negative Liberty, Natural Freedom, and the Duty of the Preceptor Part II: Private Moral Conscience and Public Obligation 106 Chapter 3: Negotiating the Legal and the Moral: 117 Diderot's Conversation of a Father with his Children The Private Sphere of the Family Legal Obligations Private Moral Conscience Public Legality and Private Morality Chapter 4: Value Neutrality and the Virtue of Tolerance: 149 Montesquieu's Contribution to Liberalism Methodological Tolerance Commerce and Tolerance Toleration as State Policy Jurisdictional Conflicts Tolerance as Civic Virtue Chapter 5: From Tolerance to Sympathy 181 Voltaire on Tolerance Pitie in Rousseau Charriere's Compassion Contractual Obligations and Imperfect Duties: From Tolerance to Sympathy Part III: The Public and Private Spheres 220 Chapter 6: Contractual Minimalism: 231 Disciplinary Power and Liberalism in Sade The State of Nature and Radical Civil Liberties Regulating the Private Sphere Disciplinary Practices and Radical Liberalism Contractual Minimalism Chapter 7: The Marriage Contract: 268 Obligation and Commitment in the Bourgeois Marriage Aristocratic Marriage Perfect and Imperfect Duties: The Marriage Contract Bourgeois Marriage: Rousseau's Julie A Marriage of Despair: Charriere's Mistriss Henley Class, Marriage, and Contract Conclusion: Some Closing Thoughts on Rights, Justice, and Community 314 Bibliography 330 Index


JULIA SIMON is Associate Professor of French at the Pennsylvania State University.
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