Changing the Performance: A Companion Guide to Arts, Business and Civic Engagement

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Mai 2006



A result of many years of research and practice, this book is an inspiring manual for arts practitioners concerned with the relationship between business, the arts and wider society, and particularly those engaged in fundraising.


Introduction: Why this Book might Change the Way you Think Part 1: Opening a Window on the World: The London International Festival of Theatre 1. Starting by not Knowing 2. LIFT Learns the Language of Business 3. Finessing the Rules of Engagement 4. Rediscovering Civil Society amidst Market and State 5. Enter Young Theatre-Makers Part II: Strategic Conversations 6. Bleached Bones and Starting Again 7. Giving Birth to The LIFT Business Arts Forum 8. Taking Steps into the World of Organisations PART III: Imagining A Cultural Commons 9. Collective Learning 10. Crafting a New Discourse, Experiments and Evolution 11. Overstepping the Market 12. Inventive Societies begin on our Doorstep List of Boxes List of Figures Appendix 1: Timeline of LIFT, the Business Arts Forum and World Events Appendix 2: Summary of Productions in LIFT '95 Appendix 3: Key LIFT Adaptations re Sponsorship and Business Arts Forum Acknowledgements Bibliography


'A readable, clear and above all useful insight into the world of arts fundraising and sponsorship in the UK.' Andrew Missingham, Creative Producer 'Invaluable as a record of the painstaking preparation behind LIFT's work, and useful too as a handbook on funding and sponsorship.' Janet Suzman
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