Teaching English in the Expanding Circle

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Seminar paper from the year 2006 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Linguistics, grade: 2,0, University of Tubingen, 10 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: The wide-spread usage of English throughout the world raises the questions of what role it plays on an international level, whether a standard should be established, and how it should be taught in school. This text concentrates on the presence and teaching of English in France, based on data collected in interviews in Mulhouse on January 6th, 2006. The interviews with two French teachers of English, together with literature on the French attitude towards that language, try to provide an insight into the role of English in a country which does not have English as a native or official language. In order to do this, background information on the teachers as well as the present teaching situation in France will be given. Finally, it has to be investigated whether an existing model of the usage and importance of English can be applied to the situation of English in France.

2 The Role of English in the World
2.1 English as a Global Lingua Franca
A "lingua franca, or 'common language'" (Crystal, 1997: 9) is the language that it used in a situation where people with different nationalities communicate, and when they have no other language in common. Crystal calls this the "global status" (Crystal, 1997: 2) of a language. "A language achieves a genuinely global status when it develops a special role that is recognized in every country" (Crystal, 1997: 2). This special role can be either the status of a "mother-tongue" (Crystal, 1997: 3), as in Britain, the status of an "official language in a country" (Crystal, 1997: 3), like e.g. in India, and the language's "priority in a country's foreign-language teaching" (Crystal, 1997: 3), as "in over 100 countries, such as China, Russia, Germany [etc.]" (Crystal, 1997: 3).
Because of this three-ponged development - of first-language, official-language, and foreign-language speakers - it is inevitable that a global language will eventually come to be used by more people than any other language. English has already reached this stage" (Crystal, 1997: 4).

The global status of a language depends on the power of its speakers (cf. Crystal, 1997: 5). "British political imperialism had sent English around the globe, during the nineteenth century" (Crystal, 1997: 8), and by that time, "Britain had become the world's leading industrial and trading country" (Crystal, 1997: 8).
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Untertitel: A Study Based on Interviews with two English Teachers from France. 'Akademische Schriftenreihe'. 1. Auflage. Sprache: Englisch.
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