Writing Research

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This unique resource provides valuable assistance to those writing and publishing nursing research. Rather than emphasizing how to conduct research, this reference assists in the writing task itself - identifying the principles of writing and the commonly used methodologies of health care research. The writing process, as it applies to research, is examined and techniques for writing are discussed in detail. Practical hints and helpful suggestions are included throughout the text, with examples where appropriate. In addition, the book discusses the similarities and differences between the forms of written research - specifically journal articles, theses, conference papers, and research reports.


Introduction SECTION
A: Beginning the writing process
1. Purpose for writing
2. The writing process SECTION
B: Writing from within specific methodologies and methods
3. Interpretive approaches
4. Feminist approaches
5. Critical approaches
6. Post structuralist and post modern approaches
7. Historical approach
8. Empirico-analytical approach SECTION
C: Finalising the writing process
9. Ethics in publishing
10. Editor/ author relations
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