China CEO: A Case Guide for Business Leaders in China

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Juni 2007



"Applying knowledge is contextual, and doing so in the new context of China is truly innovative. With this outstanding collection of some of the best cases, leading Professors of the China Europe International Business School apply state-of-the-art management concepts and theories to the business reality in China. Great for executives moving to China and students interested in managing in an international environment." --Rolf D. Cremer, Professor of Economics, Dean and Vice President, China Europe International Business School "China CEO: A Case Guide for Business Leaders in China is a wonderfully balanced set of case studies that the new as well as experienced China manager can learn from. Through its descriptions of and commentaries from expatriates and local Chinese on the case studies, the book provides practical insights and juxtaposing opinions on how business is done in China and what works and does not work in different situations. I strongly recommend this book for anyone interested in doing business in China."--John P. Wong, Chairman, Boston Consulting Group, Asia Pacific "Combining practical case studies with valuable professional comments, China CEO: A Case Guide for Business Leaders in China highlight all the most significant problems and challenges a businessman will face as he struggles to succeed in China's highly complex and stimulating markets. The cases offer great insights even for veterans of the commercial wars and should be compelling reading for them as well as investors, students or anyone trying to come to grips with China on a practical basis." --Carl Walter, Managing Director & China Chief Operating Officer, JPMorgan


Topic. Leadership in China.
Case. Emerson Electric (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. (A).
Topic. HR
Case. Philips China - Towards One Philips Program.
Case. Sony (China) Ltd. - The Learning Organization.
Case. Team Projects at Sony (China) Ltd - E-control of A&P Expenses.
Case. Eli Lilly: War for Talent.
Topic. Headquarters Relationship.
Case. Picanol China (A) (B) (C) (D).
Topic. Government Relationship.
Case. Carrefour China: Revamping the Business to Follow Local Rules (A) (B).
Topic. Intellectual Property Rights.
Case. GM versus Chery.
Topic. China Market.
Case. BOL China.
Topic. Joint Ventures.
Case. Guanzhou Peugeot Automobile Co., Ltd.


Dr. Juan A. Fernandez is Professor of Management at CEIBS, Shanghai, China. He earned his PhD from IESE (Spain) in 1997. He is frequently invited to give presentations on how to manage business enterprises in China by leading multinationals and has recently given presentations in China, South Korea, Japan, India, Europe and the United States. His work has been published in Harvard Business Review (Spain), Business Week-China, Organizational Dynamics, Business Strategy Review, and the Asian Case Research Journal. He was the co-author of China CEO: Voices of Experience published by John Wiley & Sons in 2006. His third book, China's State Owned Enterprise Reforms: An Industrial and CEO Approach, was published by Routledge in 2006.Dr. Shengjun Liu is the Assistant Director of Case Development Center of CEIBS. His research interest includes corporate governance, human resource management, and emerging Chinese multinationals. He first worked at Shenzhen Stock Exchange before joining CEIBS (China Europe International Business School). His publications have appeared in Asia Case Research Journal and leading Chinese journals such as Harvard Business Review (China), as well as in some widely read Chinese newspapers. He is also the co-author of Selected Cases of CEIBS by China CITIC Press.
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