The American College Novel: An Annotated Bibliography

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Dezember 2003



This second edition of The American College Novel cites and describes 648 novels that are set at American colleges and universities, from Nathaniel Hawthorne's Fanshawe (Bowdoin College, 1828) to William Hart's Never Fade Away (University of California, 2002). This revised and updated edition contains 225 new entries, most new novels published since 1981.


1 Introduction 2 Student-Centered Annotations 3 Staff-Centered Annotations 4 Appendix: Starter List of College Novels


John E. Kramer, Jr. is Professor of Sociology Emeritus at SUNY-Brockport. He is the author ofAcademe in Mystery and Detective Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography (Scarecrow, 2000).


Recommended. CHOICE An annotated list of 648 novels set at American colleges and universities; indexed by title, author, major characters' characteristics, and college. Public Libraries Overall, Kramer has achieved his goal of establishing a significant bibliography of American college novels. It will appeal to those who enjoy reading the genre or for those who are seeking sources for serious scholarship. It also provides a fascinating glimpse of changing American idealism and American social growth. Reference Reviews This unique bibliography contains annotations for nearly 650 novels that are set at American colleges and universities...Written for scholars as well as the layperson, this eminently readable reference should be included in any collection whose strengths include its holdings in literature. American Reference Books Annual
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