The 2001 Gallup Poll: Public Opinion

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Juli 2002



This work is the only complete compilation of polls taken by the Gallup Organization, the world's most reliable and widely quoted research firm. An invaluable tool for ascertaining the pulse of American public opinion in a certain year, as well as for documenting changing perceptions over time of crucial core issues (such as women's rights, health care). It is necessary for all social science research. More than just a collection of polls, each title in this series offers in-depth commentary and analysis, placing current topics in a readable, historical context. Survey results are given in a easy-to-use form. Breakdowns by sex, age, race, level of education, and other factors enable the reader to grasp major issues quickly.


September 11 terrorist attacks - support for war on terrorism - the presidential election controversy - Timothy McVeigh execution - Bush tax plan - worsening economy - Vice President Cheney's heart problems - Middle East crisis - religion in public schools - the death penalty - top movie stars - President Bush approval ratings - dogs vs. cats - campaign finance reform - the Oscar Awards - homosexuality tolerance - human cloning - social and moral values - immigration - most admired man and most admired woman - trust in government - Anthrax attacks - importance of religion - Americans' greatest fears


The Gallup Poll has universal browsing appeal, besides being an excellent reference tool. Strongly recommended. Library Journal
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