Speaking of Dance

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November 2004



Speaking of Dance: Twelve Contemporary Choreographers on Their Craft delves into the choreographic processes of some of America's most engaging and revolutionary dancemakers. Based on personal interviews, the book's narratives reveal the methods and quests of, among others, Merce Cunningham, Meredith Monk, Bill T. Jones, Trisha Brown, and Mark Morris. Morgenroth shows how the ideas, craft, and passion that go into their work have led these choreographers to disrupt known forms and expectations. The history of dance in the making is revealed through the stories of these intelligent, articulate, and witty dance masters.


Introduction. Historical Background 1. Merce Cunningham 2. Anna Halprin 3. David Gordon 4. Trisha Brown 5. Lucinda Childs 6. Meredith Monk 7. Elizabeth Streb 8. Eiko Otake 9. Bill T. Jones 10. Ann Carlson 11. Mark Morris 12. John Jasperse


Joyce Morgenroth is Associate Professor of Dance at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. She is the author of several other books on dance, including Dance Improvisation (U of Pittsburgh Press, 1997).


"Joyce Morgenroth takes the subject of movement to new heights as she develops her deep way of naming it for what it does -- not what it 'looks like' or 'makes us feel'. Her book elevates our field to an actual body of knowledge in print... at long last."
-Elizabeth Streb
"Rarely does an interview give me back a boost of clarity about my work as yours has done."
-Trisha Brown
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