Center for Democracy and Technology and Internet Privacy in the U.S.: Lessons of the First Five Years

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August 2003



This informative work serves as an introduction to the issues of online privacy in the United States and examines what one advocacy group is doing to protect privacy in cyberspace. Li's in-depth research of the issues confronted by the Center for Democracy and Technology over a five-year period documents its mission and demonstrates its achievements in the crusade to maintain privacy.


Chapter 1 Figures and Tables Chapter 2 Acronyms and Abbreviations Chapter 3 Foreword Chapter 4 Preface Chapter 5 1 The Emergence of Privacy as an Issue in the United States Chapter 6 2 Definitions, Characteristics, Criteria, and Functions of Privacy Chapter 7 3 Ownership of Personal Data Chapter 8 4 Means of Protecting Privacy Chapter 9 5 Major Results of the Center for Democracy and Technology Chapter 10 6 The Public's Perceptions of the Center for Democracy and Technology as Reflected in the Mass Media Chapter 11 7 Funders' Perceptions of the Center for Democracy and Technology Chapter 12 8 Conclusions


Joyce H-S Li has authored several online and print journal articles in the field of information ethics. She has also contributed a number of entries to Macmillan's Computer Sciences encyclopedia.
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