Discoveries and Inventions in Literature for Youth: A Guide and Resource Book

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A great resource for librarians and teachers, offering a rich and varied collection of books and other resources on discoveries and inventions for students in grades kindergarten through twelve. Biographies, picture books, fiction titles, nonfiction books, reference books and professional and electronic resources are included with annotated listings and grade levels.


1 Biographies and Autobiographies 2 Collective Biographies 3 Picture Books 4 Fiction 5 Everyday Life 6 Industry, Energy, and thr Environment 7 Information Technology 8 Media and Communications 9 Medicine and Health 10 Science 11 Space 12 Transportation 13 Weapons and Warfare 14 Invention Collections 15 How Things Work 16 The Future 17 Reference 18 Invention to Market 19 Appendix A: Professional Resources for Educators 20 Appendix B: Electronic Resources 21 Appendix C: Dictionary of Museums and Organizations 22 Appendix D: Booktalks, Classroom Activities, and Invention Contests 23 Building a Core Library Collection 24 Author Index 25 Title Index 26 Subject Index 27 About the Authors


Joy L. Lowe is a former school and public librarian who taught library science at Louisiana Tech University for twenty-six years. She is the coauthor of Colonial America in Literature for Youth: A Guide and Resource Book. Kathryn I. Matthew has worked in elementary schools in Texas and Louisiana as a classroom teacher, English as a second language specialist, and technology specialist. She has taught children's literature, reading, language arts, technology, and research classes. Kathryn is the coauthor of Colonial America in Literature for Youth: A Guide and Resource Book and Reading Comprehension: Books and Strategies for the Elementary Curriculum.


The annotated bibliography covers K - 12 and includes hundreds of titles. Such a bibliography may not be indexed well in the OPAC, so this bibliography becomes of value when we are searching for resources to promote the idea of creativity that is encouraged in every state curriculum with which we are familiar. Bottom line: Highly recommended. Teacher Librarian This useful resource gathers books that should appeal to those reluctant readers that young adult librarians struggle to reach, and it will pique the interest of anyone with an ounce of curiosity. VOYA
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