En Ingles, Por Supuesto

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Oktober 2003



Set in the Bronx during the 1950s, when postwar immigrant children were placed in their first American classrooms, this delightful story tells of the riotous linguistic misunderstandings of Josephine' s first day of school. The daughter of savvy Italian engineers, Josephine has lived in the city long enough to have learned a few words in English, but is overcome when her teacher makes her stand up in front of the class and tell about her life in Italy- in English, of course. The result is a charming tale of adventures and multicultural miscommunications as Josephine attempts to make herself understood. Children will come to understand that sometimes people underestimate the talents and dignity of newcomers to the United States and will embark on a poignant journey as Josephine tells her incredible story the best way she knows how and attempts to understand her English-speaking teacher and classmates.


Josephine Nobisso is the author of 17 children's and adult books including "Grandpa Loved" and "Grandma's Scrapbook". She lives in Quogue, New York.


"Exuberant. Reminds one of the illimitable Eloise. Any child will respond to the joy." -- Kirkus "Sly humor ... hilariously paced." -- School Library Journal
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Untertitel: Empfohlen von 5 bis 7 Jahren. En Espa~nol. Sprache: Spanisch.
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