The Dynamics of Conflict in Northern Ireland

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November 1996



This book offers a uniquely comprehensive account of the conflict in Northern Ireland, providing a rigorous analysis of its dynamics and present structure and proposing a new approach to its resolution.


1. Introduction; 2. Historical formations; 3. The reconstruction of communal division; 4. Ideology and conflict; 5. The dynamics of conflict: politics; 6. The dynamics of conflict: the economy; 7. The dynamics of conflict: culture; 8. The British context of the conflict; 9. The Republic of Ireland and the conflict; 10. The international context; 11. An emancipatory approach to the conflict.


'One of the most impressive works on the Northern Ireland conflict which I have read in many years. It has the magisterial quality of J. J. Lee's Ireland 1912-1985: Politics and Society, or John Whyte's Interpreting Northern Ireland. It is an amazingly comprehensive and coherent manuscript, which draws on many disciplines - history, economics, politics and anthropology - to provide a rich and complex synthesis.' Paul Arthur, University of Ulster, Jordanstown 'This is an incisive yet fair-minded study. Drawing scrupulously on a very wide range of sources, the authors survey the arguments and come up with their own interesting suggestions. One of the best recent treatments of the Ulster problem.' Paul Bew, Queen's University, Belfast 'In seeking to explain the Northern Ireland conflict, the authors have taken on an exceptionally ambitious task. They have carried it out with considerable skill and ability.' Irish Independent 'They reap a rich harvest of insight and argument from the formidably large corpus of research now available; but they tie these together by a set of strong conceptual cords - power, dominance, equality.' W. Harvey Cox, Irish Political Studies
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