Contemporary Health Physics

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This is the first text specifically designed to train potential health physicists to think and respond like professionals. Written by a former chairman of the American Board of Health Physics Comprehensive Panel of Examiners with more than 20 years of professional and academic experience in the field, it offers a balanced presentation of all the theoretical and practical issues essential for a full working knowledge of radiation exposure assessments. As the only book to cover the entire radiation protection field, it includes detailed coverage of the medical, university, reactor, fuel cycle, environmental and accelerator areas, while exploring key topics in radiation basics, external and internal dosimetry, the biological effects of ionizing radiation, and much more besides. Backed by more than 500 worked examples developed within the context of various scenarios and spanning the full spectrum of real-world challenges, it quickly instills in readers the professional acumen and practical skills they need to perform accurate radiation assessments in virtually any routine or emergency situation. The result is a valuable resource for upper-level students and anyone preparing to take the American Board of Health Physics Comprehensive Examination, as well as for professionals seeking to expand their scope and sharpen their skills.


Part I Basic Concepts: Theory and Problems
Part II Specialized Areas: Theory and Problems
Medical Health Physics
University Health Physics
Fuel Cycle Health Physics
Power Reactor Health Physics
Environmental Health Physics
Accelerator Health Physics
Nonionizing Radiation Health Physics
Part III Answers and Solutions
Part IV Appendices
Serial Decay Relationships
Basic Source Geometries and Attenuation Relationships
Neutron-Induced Gamma Radiation Sources
Selected Topics in Internal Dosimetry
Radiation Risk and Risk Models
Key Health Physics Relationships
Production Equations in Health Physics
Mathematical Review
Selected Data on Radionuclides of Health Physics Interest


Joseph John Bevelacqua, PhD, CHP, is the President of Bevelacqua Resources. A theoretical nuclear physicist by training, Dr. Bevelacqua is a Certified Health Physicist and Certified Senior Reactor Operator and has over 30 years of professional experience. This includes the medical, fuel cycle, accelerator, power reactor, environmental, and non-ionizing areas. He was a key player in the Three Mile Island and Hanford cleanup activities, and is an active researcher with over 80 publications. His research areas include heavy ion cancer therapy, theoretical physics, and health physics applications. He recently received the California University Pennsylvania's Professional Excellence Award for his accomplishments.
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