Handbook of Drug'nutrient Interactions

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April 2004



Although there is agreat deal ofliterature regarding drug-nutrientinteractions (DNis ), there are limited sources of up-to-date comprehensive information. The Handbook of Drug-Nutrient Interactions admirably fills this gap. The editors, Dr. Joseph 1. Boullata and Dr. Vincent T. Armenti, ha ve a wealth of experience in this therapeutic ar ea and ha ve assembled a fine cadre of chapter authors who have individually contributed their high level of expertise. As treatment for many diseases becomes increasingly complex with multiple drug therapies scheduled at varying times, the need to identify clinically significant DNis is an essential part of medication management. This is a shared responsibility between health care professionals to interpret available data and individualize an approach to therapy that is compatible with the patient' s disease state, life stage, and dietary intake. Awareness ofthe significance of drug-food interactions is generally lacking. Although many texts contain lengthy lists of possible interactions, few data are provided for the clinician to gain an understanding of the mechanism of action of the interaction and subsequently apply the information to a particular patient or group of patients. For example, in the management of patients with HN -AIDS who are taking complex prescribed drug regimens, herbal products, and nutritional supplements, many of which are affected by dietary intake, careful attention to D Nls is a critic al component of therapy. Clinicians need to take account of not only the well-documented interactions between drugs and nutrients, but also the less obvious effects on drug-nutrient disposition and metabolism.


I. Overview of Drug-Nutrient Interactions

A Perspective on Drug-Nutrient Interactions
Joseph I. Boullata and Jacqueline R. Barber

Drug Disposition and Response
Robert B. Raffa

Drug-Metabolizing Enzymes and P-Glycoprotein
Thomas K. H. Chang

Nutrient Disposition and Response
Francis E. Rosato, Jr.

II. Influence of Nutritional Status on Drug Disposition and Effect

The Impact of Protein-Calorie Malnutrition on Drugs
Charlene W. Compher

Influence of Obesity on Drug Disposition and Effect
Joseph I. Boullata

III. Influence of Food or Nutrients on Drug Disposition and Effect

Drug Absorption With Food, David Fleisher
Burgunda V. Sweet, and Ameeta Parekh

Effects of Specific Foods and Non-Nutritive Dietary Components on Drug Metabolism
Karl E. Anderson

Grapefruit Juice-Drug Interaction Issues
David G. Bailey

Nutrients That May Optimize Drug Effects
Imad F. Btaiche and Michael D. Kraft

Dietary Supplement Interactions With Medication
Jeffrey J. Mucksavage and Lingtak-Neander Chan

Dietary Supplement Interaction With Nutrients
Mariana Markell

IV. Influence of Pharmaceuticals on Nutritional Status, Nutrient Disposition, and Effect

Drug-Induced Changes to Nutritional Status
Jane M. Gervasio

Cardiac Drugs and Nutritional Status
Honesto M. Poblete, Jr. and Raymond C. Talucci, II

Drug-Nutrient Interactions Involving Folate
Leslie Schechter and Patricia Worthington

Effects of Antiepileptics on Nutritional Status
Mary J. Berg

Drug-Nutrient Interactions That Impact Mineral Status
Sue A. Shapses, Yvette R. Schlussel, and Mariana Cifuentes

V. Drug-Nutrient Interactions by Life Stage

Drug-Nutrient Interactions in Infancy and Childhood
Deborah A. Maka, Lori Enriquez,and Maria R. Mascarenhas

Drug-Nutrient Interaction Considerations in Pregnancy and Lactation
Kathleen L. Hoover, Marcia Silkroski, Leslie Schechter, and Patricia Worthington

Drug-Nutrient Interactions in the Elderly
Tanya C. Knight-Klimas and Joseph I. Boullata

VI. Drug-Nutrient Interactions in Specific Conditions

Drug-Nutrient Interactions in Patients With Cancer
Todd W. Canada

Drug-Nutrient Interactions in Transplantation
Matthew J. Weiss, Vincent T. Armenti, and Jeanette M. Hasse

Drug-Nutrient Interactions and Immune Function
Adrianne Bendich and Ronit Zilberboim

Drug-Nutrient Interactions in Patients With Chronic Infections
Steven P. Gelone and Judith A. O'Donnell

Antimicrobial-Nutrient Interactions: An Overview
Allison Wood Wallace

Drug-Nutrient Interactions in Patients Receiving Enteral Nutrition
Carol J. Rollins



From the reviews:
"This is a useful guide to understanding the science behind nutrient-drug interactions. It offers in-depth understanding of the critical role that such interactions may have on the patient's outcome. . .this book helps the reader to better understand, identify, prevent, or manage potential adverse effects of drug-nutrient interactions. 5 Stars!"-Doody's Health Sciences and Book Review Journal
"Comprehensive resource for pharmacists, physicians, dietitians, and nurses. Libraries supporting the health sciences should include it in their reference collections for students and faculty." - American Reference Books Annual 2005
"At all stages of the life cycle, prescription drugs have become an increasing part of our lives. ... This book provides a valuable resource but makes it clear that this is a new science with a long way to go. ... it is well written and clearly laid out. Each chapter contains numerous charts and graphs as well as a reference list. It would be a valuable addition to a professional library and could serve as a text for an advanced graduate class." (Elaine Kris Ludman, Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly, September, 2005)
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