Class and the Color Line: Interracial Class Coalition in the Knights of Labor and the Populist Movement

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Oktober 2007



This ms studies class and race boundaries, and interracial political coalitions, in two significant 19th century social movements--the Knights of Labor and the Populist movement.


Joseph Gerteis is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Minnesota. He is a coeditor of "Classical Sociological Theory "and "Contemporary Sociological Theory." "Class and the Color Line" won the 2005 President's Book Award from the Social Science History Association.


"This is a valuable book and looks upon the issue of trade union history and attempts to organise the working class to be more inclusive...The problem encountered by the Knights of Labour in the book seem to be depressing, but I must add, applicable today...This is a good examination of trade union history and its difficulties in drawing together different races of workers in the same class. It has good relevance and applicability for scholars in the field and as mentioned rather depressingly, these issues remain pertinent even today." Jeff Fernandez, Newsletter of the British Sociological Association, Autumn 2008
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