Standard Handbook of Machine Design

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Juli 2004



This definitive machine design handbook covers every aspect of machine construction and operationPacked with worked-out problems and numerical examples, the Handbook provides the most practical, up-to-date information available on basic design considerations and the creation of specific elements. Includes updated codes and standards for CAD and computational methods.


<H3>Chapter 1: Evolution of a Successful Design (Thomas H. Brown, Jr.)<H2>PART 1: MACHINE ELEMENTS IN MOTION<H3>Chapter 2: A Thesaurus of Mechanisms (L.E. Torfason)<H3>Chapter 3: Linkages (Richard E. Gustavson)<H3>Chapter 4: Cam Mechanisms (Andrzej A. Oledzki)<H3>Chapter 5: Gear Trains (Harold L. Johnson)<H2>PART 2: MACHINE ELEMENTS THAT ABSORB AND STORE ENERGY<H3>Chapter 6: Springs (Robert E. Joerres)<H3>Chapter 7: Flywheels (Daniel M. Curtis)<H3>Chapter 8: Clutches and Brakes (John R. Zimmerman)<H2>PART 3: GEARING<H3>Chapter 9: Spur Gears (Joseph E. Shigley)<H3>Chapter 10: Helical Gears (Raymond J. Drago)<H3>Chapter 11: Bevel and Hypoid Gears (Theodore J. Krenzer and Robert J. Hotchkiss)<H3>Chapter 12: Worm Gearing (K.S. Edwards)<H3>Chapter 13: Power Screws (Rudolph J. Eggert)<H2>PART 4: POWER TRANSMISSION<H3>Chapter 14: Belt Drives (Wolfram Funk)<H3>Chapter 15: Chain Drives (John L. Wright)<H3>Chapter 16: Couplings (Howard B. Schwerdlin)<H3>Chapter 17: Shafts (Charles R. Mischke)<H2>PART 5: BEARINGS AND LUBRICATION<H3>Chapter 18: Rolling-Contact Bearings (Charles R. Mischke)<H3>Chapter 19: Journal Bearings (Theo J. Keith, Jr.)<H3>Chapter 20: Lubrication (A.R. Lansdown)<H3>Chapter 21: Seals (R. Bruce Hopkins)<H2>PART 6: FASTENING, JOINING, AND CONNECTING<H3>Chapter 22: Bolted and Riveted Joints (John H. Bickford)<H3>Chapter 23: Threaded Fasteners (Joseph E. Shigley)<H3>Chapter 24: Unthreaded Fasteners (Joseph E. Shigley)<H3>Chapter 25: Gaskets (Daniel E. Czernik)<H3>Chapter 26: Welded Connections (Richard S. Sabo and Omer W. Blodgett)<H3>Chapter 27: Fits and Tolerances (Joseph E. Shigley and Charles R. Mischke)<H2>PART 7: LOAD CAPABILITY CONSIDERATIONS<H3>Chapter 28: Strength Under Static Conditions (Charles R. Mischke and Joseph E. Shigley)<H3>Chapter 29: Strength Under Dynamic Conditions (Charles R. Mischke)<H3>Chapter 30: Instabilities in Beams and Columns (Harry Herman)<H3>Chapter 31: Vibration and Control of Vibration (T.S. Sankar and R.B. Bhat)<H2>PART 8: PERFORMANCE OF ENGINEERING MATERIALS<H3>Chapter 32: Solid Materials (Joseph Datsko)<H3>Chapter 33: Strength of Cold-Worked and Heat-Treated Steels (Charles R. Mischke)<H3>Chapter 34: Wear (Kenneth C. Ludema)<H3>Chapter 35: Corrosion (Milton G. Willie)<H2>PART 9: CLASSICAL STRESS AND DEFORMATION ANALYSIS<H3>Chapter 36: Stress (Joseph E. Shigley)<H3>Chapter 37: Deflection (Charles R. Mischke)<H3>Chapter 38: Curved Beams and Rings (Joseph E. Shigley)<H3>Chapter 39: Pressure Cylinders (Sachindranarayan Bhaduri)<H4>APPENDIX: SECTIONS AND SHAPES -- TABULAR DATA (Joseph E. Shigley)<H4>INDEX


Joseph Shigley (deceased), who taught at the University of Michigan, passed away in 1994.
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