Africans and the Industrial Revolution in England: A Study in International Trade and Economic Development

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November 2004



Drawing on classical development theory and recent theoretical advances on the connection between expanding markets and technological developments, this book reveals the critical role of the expansion of Atlantic commerce in the successful completion of England's industrialization from 1650-1850. The volume is the first detailed study of the role of overseas trade in the Industrial Revolution. It revises other explanations that have recently dominated the field and shifts the assessment of African contribution away from the debate on profits.


1. Introduction; 2. The English economy in the Longue Duree; 3. A historiography of the first Industrial Revolution; 4. Slave-based commodity production and the growth of Atlantic commerce; 5. Britain and the supply of African slave labor to the Americas; 6. The Atlantic slave economy and English shipping; 7. The Atlantic slave economy and the development of financial institutions; 8. African-produced raw materials and industrial production in England; 9. Atlantic markets and the development of the major manufacturing sectors in England's industrialization; 10. Conclusion.


'For economic historians of Africa, the book includes a succinct and incisive analysis of the obstacles, internal and external, to expanding export-commodity production on the African side of the Atlantic.' Journal of African History 'Africans and the Industrial Revolution in England is the most important contribution to the economic history of the Atlantic World in a generation. ... Africans and the Industrial Revolution is a monument to Inikori's research. ... Inikori's masterpiece gives us new reasons to explore the Caribbean's role in the making of the modern world.' New West Indian Guide
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