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Every year, millions of people leave organized religion and never come back. They end one spiritual journey and begin another-but this time without the formal structure of a religious group. God on Your Own provides a practical guide for the reader who has left organized religion or is contemplating leaving it, yet needs a solid plan to follow and an authoritative source to trust. Retreat leader Joseph Dispenza provides a spiritual road map for those who want to make the transition away from conventional religion and toward a rich and satisfying direct relationship with the Source, without rules, dogmas, or doctrines. Joseph Dispenza (Laredo, TX) is a former monk and the founder of LifePath Retreats. He is the author of Live Better Longer (0-595-16361-0) and The Way of the Traveler (1-56691-449-3).


Foreword, by Thomas Moore. Introduction: Taking Back Your Soul. PART ONE: BEGINNING. 1. A Larger Picture. 2. Beyond Religion. PART TWO: SEEKING. 3. Sacred Skeptic. 4. Beliefs. 5. Discernment. 6. Obstacles. PART THREE: BUILDING. 7. Detachment. 8. Innocence. 9. Responsibility. 10. Peak Experience. PART FOUR: BEING. 11. Service. 12. Heaven on Earth. Afterword. Bibliography. The Author. Index.


Joseph Dispenza is the cofounder of LifePath Retreats in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he writes and is in practice as a spiritual counselor. Dispenza is an acclaimed author of numerous articles and books including The Way of the Traveler and Live Better Longer. He is a former university professor and monk who lived a monastic life for several years.


"...sound, intelligent reflection." (Publishers Weekly, February 27, 2006)
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