Twixt Land and Sea: Tales: A Smile of Fortune/The Secret Sharer/Freya of the Seven Isles

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New texts of Joseph Conrad's modern classic 'The Secret Sharer' and of two other tales appear in this edition of 'Twixt Land and Sea with numerous words, sentences, and entire paragraphs restored from Conrad's manuscripts and typescripts. Written while he was working on Under Western Eyes, these stories, when collected together in 1912, marked the turning point in Conrad's professional fortunes that Chance would soon confirm. Published for the first time as Conrad meant them to be, these authoritative texts are accompanied by a new Introduction that discusses their sources, composition, and publication, and their reception up to our time. The Notes explain nautical, geographical, and historical references and are supplemented by diagrams, maps, and other illustrations. A textual essay and apparatus examine the revisions, excisions, divisions, and censorship the tales underwent, which till now have been reflected in editions unduly trusted by countless readers.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Chronology; Abbreviations; Introduction; 'Twixt Land and Sea: Tales; Author's note; A Smile of Fortune; The Secret Sharer; Freya of the Seven Isles; The texts: An essay; Apparatus: Emendation and variation; Emendations of accidentals; End-of-line word-division; Appendices: Provenance of the early documents; The titles of the Tales; The London Magazine; A Smile of Fortune: Pagination of the first typescript; A Smile of Fortune: correspondence with the London Magazine; A Smile of Fortune: the serial version of the prologue and ending; Freya of the Seven Isles: the Garnett controversy; Freya of the Seven Isles: marks in pencil on the first typescript; the epigraph and the dedication; Notes.


J. A. Berthoud is Emeritus Professor of English and Related Literature at the University of York. Laura L. Davis is Associate Provost and Associate Professor of English at Kent State University. S. W. Reid is Professor of English and Director of the Center for Conrad Studies at Kent State University.

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