The Aventi Ciphers

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September 2007



Is it just a coincidence that prominent men and women are dying from brain-related episodes, or has a killer learned of a new scientific method of high-tech serial murder? A complicated code, an algorithm cipher holding the solution, has been secretly installed on the laptop computer of New York's leading forensic investigator, Jack Reynolds. Along with his pal, rogue private eye Danny Lorenzo, Jack becomes deeply involved with elements of the CIA and the FBI. The hunt for a crack Middle Eastern agent leads them from Halifax to Key West and to the puzzle's answer, while exposing an assassination conspiracy of awesome proportions and a new energy technology that will change the world for a hundred years. In this fast-paced tale of intrigue, the reader is kept on the edge as the story unfolds to a surprising conclusion, and author Joseph Clinard delivers his third Jack Reynolds novel, once again in gripping form.

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