The Just Prince: A Manual of Leadership

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Januar 2003



"The Sulwan al-Muta'" is an 800 year-old handbook for statesmen written by a Sicilian Arab who addressed this advice for a "just prince" based on Islamic morality, European realism and a broad-ranging knowledge of different cultures. The work is explicated using straight philosophical discourse as well as the narrative whirl of fables-within-fables so beloved of ancient and mediaeval Oriental literature. This is a work of practical political philosophy that combines penetrating contemporary analysis, the entertainment value of "The Thousand and One Nights," and the deep insight of Sun Tzu.


Acknowledgments A Note on Transliteration Maxims from the Sulwan al-Muta' Chapter One Ibn Zafar al-Siqilli: The Significance of His Work Chapter Two Counseling the Prince: An Historical Overview Chapter Three Sulwan al-Muta': Analysis of a Magnum Opus Chapter Four Ibn Zafar and Machiavelli: A Comparative Analysis Chapter Five Ibn Zafar: A Retrospective Assessment Complete Translated Text Index


Joseph A. Kechichian is a private consultant on national security affairs within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). He obtained a PhD in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia in 1985, and is the author of several works including Succession in Saudi Arabia and Oman and the World: The Emergence of an Independent Foreign Policy. R. Hrair Dekmejian is Professor of Political Science at the University of Southern California and a frequent commentator on world affairs. He is the author of Troubled waters: The Geopolitics of the Caspian Region and Islam in Revolution.

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