Health Promotion: Disciplines and Diversity

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Juni 2005



This comprehensive introduction to the interdisciplinary nature of the field of health promotion has been completely updated to reflect national and international developments. As in the original collection, each chapter outlines and illustrates examples of each disciplinary contribution to the field. In addition, four new chapters cover community development, politics and advocacy, ethics, and the new genetics.


Disciplinary and discourse developments for the new millennium. Section one: primary disciplines; psychology and health promotion; what is the relevance of sociology for health promotion?; epidemiology and health promotion; the contribution of education to health promotion. Section two: other disciplinary contributions; politics, advocacy and health promotion; health promotion as social policy; community development for health and health promotion; using economics in health promotion; communication theory and health promotion; social marketing and health promotion. Section three: reflections and developments; the growth of health promotion theory and its rational reconstruction - lessons from the philosophy of science; the new genetics and the implication for health promotion; ethics as a science to aid decision making in health promotion.
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