A tourism potential analysis of Lundu District in Malaysian Borneo

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Juni 2011



This book has been based upon Jorinda Ballering's bachelor dissertation, commissioned by the Ministry of Urban Development and Tourism of Sarawak- nowadays Ministry of Tourism and Heritage,Sarawak (MinTH). This paper explores Lundu District,a relatively undeveloped region in Malaysian Borneo, upon its tourism potential. The research stresses that 'understanding the interrelation and dependency among tourism elements is vital to achieve success'. The thesis has been presented for all actors involved in Lundu District at the MinTH. In 2010 the dissertation has beenawarded by the German Society for Research (DGT) with the Best Paper on Sustainability in Tourism Award. Mr. Bolhan Budeng - Head of Ecotourism and Community Participation "This thesis has enabled us to gain an insight intoLundu's tourism product-market combinations, theindepth stakeholder analysis and futurerecommendations have been of great use to theMinistry of Urban Development and Tourism in Sawarak for opening this area up for international tourism". Jorinda BalleringEmail:


During the studies of Jorinda Ballering, Bsc in InternationalTourism Management Consultancy and master in Tourism DestinationManagement, she has worked in Uganda, Malaysia, Australia andSingapore. Her MA dissertation elaborates on the influence oftourism on modern methods of development aid. She is currentlyemployed in the Netherlands.
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