China: The Race to Market: What China's Transformation Means for Business, Markets and the New World Order

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August 2003



With WTO membership under its belt and a new leadership emerging, China could be ready to take its place in the global economy as an economic powerhouse. But is the Chinese dragon about to take flight or run out of puff? How far will this transformation go and what are the implications for business? China's present and future challenge is the business world's future opportunity. In China; The Race to Market, Jonathan Story helps you and your business to answer three essential questions: What direction is China's development taking? Will china successfully emerge as a world power? And what do we need to know to do business with or invest in the emerging China?


Chapter One: China's Curse: To Live in Exciting Times. Chapter Two: China and the US: Ineluctable Partners or Rivals? Chapter Three: The land of the rising dragon: China's Economic Growth Chapter Four: Riding the Tiger: China's Economic Policy Reform Chapter Five: Feeling the Stones as You Cross the River: China's Political Policy. Chapter Six: Applying the Dracula Principle: China joins the WTO. Chapter Seven: Keeping it in the Family: Corporate reform in China. Chapter Eight: Getting China Right: The multi-national experience. Chapter Nine: China in the Twenty-First Century.


Jonathan Story, Professor of International Political Economy at INSEAD, in France, deals with comparative business systems, in a global context. As the Shell Fellow in Economic Transformation, he specializes in global transformation. His major areas of expertise are globalization, comparative business systems, European integration and economic transformation around the world. Professor Story has worked with numerous international companies, such as Eastman Kodak, La Veuve Clicquot, Dresdner Bank, IBM, Honeywell Bull, Alcatel, Digital, Novo Nordisk, Ericsson and ABB. He is the author of many books, chapters in books and articles, and is a regular contributor to newspapers, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Times and Le Monde. His book: The Frontiers of Fortune: predicting Capital prospects and casualties in the Markets of the Future (Financial Times Prentice Hall, 1999) is aimed at helping business people to think about and act effectively in the world political economy. Jonathan Story received an M.A. from Trinity College, Dublin, an M.A. and a Ph.D. at Johns Hopkins University (School of Advanced International Studies). Professor Story worked as a journalist in Brussels, and then for the EU Commission office in Washington, for three years. Most of his career has been with the INSEAD business school, 1974-present.


" China: the race to market is an excellent book for anyone who wishes to understand the direction in which the Chinese polity and economy is developing. For providing a background for developing strategies for business development it is therefore a must. And in addition it is a very enjoyable read. The major attraction of the analysis is the clear exposition of the various forces bearing on policy making and action in China within the Communist state, and by implication therefore on the the economy and the business environment. One cannot make business strategy without reference to a coherent macro view of the relevant environment and for any business either seeking to operate in China, or likely to be impacted directly or indirectly by events there, there can be nothing better than this book to establish a coherent view of likely development." Martin Flash, Partner, Mega Associates Limited, London "Here is a book on China that places corporations center stage. Story paints the broad canvas of China's transformation in all its dimensions, while providing sound advice to senior management.Here is corporate strategy on a grand scale. A must read". P(t)r-Anders Pehrson , Vice President Leadership, Ericsson "Jonathan Story has written an admirably clear, well informed and judiciously timed book that should deservedly attract a wide readership among those seeking a comprehensive yet penetrative knowledge of contemporary China, set in its international context". Professor Jack Hayward FBA , Chairman, China Programmes, The British Academy. "A very informative analysis of the political and economic transformation taking place in China and how this impacts business decisions, but more generally is a good analysis of China for western audiences." Eric A.Hyer, Brigham Young University, Utah "A fine and very informative book" - Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Director of the French Centre for Research on Contemporary China, Hong Kong:. "Well-structured, balanced in perspective and profound in analysis." Li Chunfang, from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Praise for The Frontiers of Fortune: "Jonathan Story provides a sparkling array of ideas and ways of thinking to help make sense of what is happening every day and to develop more appropriate measures of business risk. His racy style draws the reader painlessly into complex arguments". John Stopford, Professor of International Business, London Business School "Jonathan Story's range, imagination and scholarship are remarkable. Story demands his readers engage in the globalizing world as it is " Will Hutton, Editor in Chief, The Gurardian and The Observer "A breathtaking review of how politics, business and finance interact. Everybody within, without and on the periphery of financial markets needs to read this volume." E-rivatives Review
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