Algernon Sidney and the Restoration Crisis, 1677 1683

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This is the second and final part of an intellectual biography of the English republican, Algernon Sidney.


Preface; Acknowledgments; Part I. The Restoration Crisis: 1. The shape of the future; 2. The shadow of the past; 3. The crisis of parliaments; 4. Retrospect; Part II. The Shadow Of The Past: 5. Family politics 1677-83; 6. European politics 1678-80; 7. Domestic politics 1678-9; 8. The mutinous city 1679-81; 9. The Vindication of parliaments 1681-3; Part III. The Old Cause: 10. Discourses (1) first principles; 11. Discourses (2) rebellion, tumult and war; 12. The self-defence of protestants; 13. The tower; 14. The reckoning; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


"...a stunning achievement. Scott delivers an almost tangible Sidney, and he creates a dramatic sense of immediacy about the personal and political crises of Sidney's turbulent life. Scott's Sidney is more of a philosopher, but no less a man of action--even violent action...Scott's work--poignant and epigrammatic--promises to become authoritative." American Historical Review "...the virtues of Scott's study must be insisted upon. He has, more than anyone else, restored a major figure to our attention, sympathetically recounting his life, closely analyzing his work, and placing him in broad context." History "This is intellectual biography of a high order; the result is a good read for both specialist and generalist." Thomas Rumsey, Religious Studies Review "...a masterful study, written with pace, verve, and immense wit. The reader's interest is sustained throughout, despite the complex nature of the argument in places, and Sidney comes alive for us from the pages of this book--warts and all--which I found literally impossible to put down." Tim Harris, Journal of Modern History "This excellent book takes us back to the foundation of historical research, the primary sources upon which Scott based his conclusions." Marcella Biro Barton, Church History
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