Introduction to SNG and ENG Microwave

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November 2003



-- Easy to understand guide to satellite newsgathering-- Provides a basic grounding in analog, digital, compression, and satellite technology for a comprehensive understanding of the subject-- Shows how the process works from beginning to end, including important legal and safety issuesAn introduction to the technologies and processes involved in satellite newsgathering appropriate for journalists, editors and producers needing to understand this important element of the newsgathering chain. The book shows how typical transmission chains work and explains their communication with the studio. It also offers a brief introduction to analogue and digital theory, before going on to explain Electronic Newsgathering (ENG) systems.


Basic overview of the role of ENG/SNG;
Principal elements in covering an event;
Communication with the studio;
Analogue theory;
The TV Picture;
Terrestrial microwave links;
Digital modulation in ENG microwave;
Transmission and Reception Chains;
Trucks &
Setting up a link;
Other microwave link platforms;
Radio Cameras;
Optical Links;
Satellites and orbits;
Basic satellite communication theory;
Basic digital SNG system;
Digital Compression;
MPEG Picture Problems;
Audio compression;
Digital modulation in SNG;
DSNG Processing Equipment;
Link budgets;
DSNG Uplink types;
Typical flyaway operation;
SNG Vehicles;
SNG operations - locating the uplink;
Co-ordination and Line-up procedures;
Inmarsat and the use of videophones;
Video-conferencing and Videophones;
Store and Forward;
Inmarsat Satphone Operation;
Satellite Regulatory Issues;
National control and trans-border issues;
Satellite operators;
The use of satellite capacity;
Operating an SNG Uplink;
Dealing with hazards with microwave equipment;
Electrical hazards;
Operating ENG pneumatic masts;
Manual handling;
Driving of vehicles;
Operating in hostile environments;
Getting in to the war zone;
On the horizon;
Glossary of terms


Jonathan, an independent satellite communications consultant, was formerly the manager of BBC News Location Facilities Unit. He has been very involved in the development of both truck-based and "fly-away" SNG uplinks over the past fifteen years and is also the author of Introduction to SNG and ENG Microwave, also published by Focal Press. Widely regarded as an authority on all aspects of satellite newsgathering, he has published papers, writen articles and given numerous seminars and lectures around the world on the technical aspects of newsgathering.


"...this is a good introductory book, giving an overview of SNG/ENG techniques in about 200 pages." - EBU Tecnhical Review
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