The Sociology of Emotions

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This book reviews the theoretical and empirical work in the sociology of emotions, with appendices on relevant psychological theories as they intersect with sociological theories. After being grouped into several basic approaches: cultural, dramaturgical, interaction ritual, symbolic interactionist, exchange, stuctural, and biological, the theories that have been developed within these diverse traditions are described. Summaries of Illustrative empirical work using the theory follow.


1. Conceptualizing emotions sociologically; 2. Dramaturgical and cultural theorizing on emotions; 3. Ritual theorizing on emotions; 4. Symbolic interactionist theorizing on emotions; 5. Symbolic interactionist theorizing on emotions with psychoanalytic elements; 6. Exchange theorizing on emotions; 7. Structural theorizing on emotions; 8. Evolutionary theorizing on emotions; 9. Prospects for a sociology of emotions.


Jonathan Turner is a general theorist who seeks to integrate existing theories into more robust and formal theories. He is the author of twenty-eight books and over 140 articles and chapters as well as editor of four other books. He also has been editor of Sociological Perspectives and is currently editor of Sociological Theory. Jan Stets is a sociological social psychologist who studies self, identity, emotions, and interaction. She is the author of two books and over 40 research articles that have appeared in such journals as Sociological Theory, Social Psychology Quarterly, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, and Sociological Perspectives.


"In </>The Sociology of Emotions Turner and Stets cover the waterfront of theoretical contributions in the extended area of the sociology of emotions. The format of the text is intuitive and reader-friendly." -Canadian Journal of Sociology Online
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