Prophecy and Politics: Socialism, Nationalism, and the Russian Jews, 1862-1917

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November 2003



In the period from 1881 to 1917 socialist movements flourished in every major centre of Russian Jewish life, but, despite common foundations, there was often profound and bitter disagreement between them. This book describes the formation and evolution of these movements, which were at once united by a powerful vision and sundered by the contradictions of practical politics.


Preface; Glossary; Introduction; Part I. The Preparty Stage: 1. Dilemmas of the messianic conscience: Moses Hess and Aron Liberman; 2. The emergence of the new politics: the Russian-Jewish crisis, 1881-1882; Part II. The Party Ideologies Until 1907: 3. The politics of Jewish liberation, 1905-1906; 4. The Bund: between nation and class; 5. Chaim Zhitlovsky: Russian populist and Jewish socialist, 1887-1907; 6. Nachman Syrkin: on the populist abd prophetic strands in socialist Zionism, 1882-1907; 7. Ber Borochov and Marxist Zionism, 1903-1907; Part III. Ideology and Emigre Realities: 8. The revolutionary ethos in transition: Russian-Jewish youth in Palestine, 1904-1914; 9. Class war and community: the socialists in American-Jewish politics, 1897-1918; Note: The American Jewish Congress and Russian Jewry, 1915-1919; Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


' ... will undoubtedly come to be regarded as the definitive political history of Russian Jews and left-wing nationalism in English or any other language.' The American Historical Review 'Frankel's book is impressive, demanding a patient and attentive reading. It is well-researched and, while ranging widely, never loses sight of its central theses. It is an indispensable work for the study of the fertile and extended world of Russian Jewry.' The Slavic Review '(his) feat of imaginative scholarly evocation leaves the reader with a rare sense of intellectual exhilaration.' The Times Literary Supplement
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