Early M Lik Law: Ibn Abd Al-H Akam and His Major Compendium of Jurisprudence

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April 2000



This study presents the first biography of 'Abd All?h b. 'Abd al-?akam (d. 214/829), an important figure in the nascent M?lik? school, and introduces his compendium of law. The subject of the Arabic text is the law of slavery, and two chapters examine early M?lik? slave law in the context of other Near Eastern legal codes.
The narrow focus on Ibn 'Abd al-?akam and his "Compendium is used to refine the distinction between "organic" and "fixed" editions of early legal texts, and also to argue that these texts can be used to reconstruct the thought of even earlier figures, such as M?lik B. Anas (d. 179/795).
"Early M?lik? Law should be of value to legal historians, scholars of religion and all those working in the developing field of Slave Studies. The valuable conclusions arising from this study of a single legal text indicate the importance of continued analysis of these early documents, both the few that have been published and the many which remain unexplored in manuscript collections.


Jonathan E. Brockopp, Ph.D. (1995) in Religious Studies, Yale University, is Assistant Professor Religion at Bard College (Annandale, New York). He has published on Islamic ethics and early Islamic law, and is the co-author (with Jacob Neusner and Tamara Sonn) of Judaism and Islam in Practice: a source book of the classical age (Routledge, 2000).


'"...a substantial contribution to several fields of early Islamic legal history." Christopher Melchert, "Islamic Law and Society", 2002.
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