A Conductor's Guide to the Choral-Orchestral Works of J. S. Bach

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Focusing on the works of J. S. Bach, this invaluable guide surveys the choral-orchestral repertoire.


Jonathan D. Green (B.Mus., Fredonia School of Music; M.Mus., University of Massachusetts; DMA, University of North Carolina at Greensboro) is Director of Ensembles at Sweet Briar College. He is a frequent guest conductor and clinician, and an award-winning composer. His works have been performed throughout the United States and Europe.


The information presented is extremely useful, clearly and consistently presented. It is easy to read, concise, and serves the purpose of providing a thumbnail sketch of each work...This publication represents an enormous amount of detailed information that saves the choral conductor time in equal proportion. There is no need to consult multiple sources to get complete information about any of the works, and for those seeking further musicological or contextual information, Green provides an excellent bibliography at the end of the book. All choral conductors, whether experienced or novice, should add this book to their libraries as an essential reference tool. Choral Journal The book is suitable for all music libraries and for libraries of churches with serious choral resources. American Reference Books Annual In sum, it is an excellent reference book written for non-professional conductors who are eagerly looking for a piece by Bach suitable for their performing groups... -- Yo Tomita, School of Music, Queen's University of Belfast Bach Bibliography
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