Eye of the Storm: Bishop John William Colenso and the Crisis of Biblical Inspiration

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One hundred years ago Bishop Colenso was excommunicated because of his liberal critical views on the inspiration and authority of the Bible. But while in South Africa he worked strenuously for social and political reform. 2003 will mark the revocation of his excommunication in a ceremony in South Africa and this book commemorates that event. It is divided into sections on African Culture, Bible, Theology and Social History and contains contribution from English, Dutch and South African scholars. It will appeal not only to the biblical scholar and Christian theologian but also to anyone interested in the 19th century conflict of theology and reason and the struggle against colonial exploitation.


Jonathan A. Draper is Professor of New Testament in the School of Theology at the University of Natal.


"The essays in this volume are an important contribution to Anglican church history and are of great interest for students of the Victorian period and historians of South Africa alike. Important themes ranging from technicalities in Bible translation, criticism, and exegesis are addressed. Interaction and discussion with other theologians is given space in a number of essays, and his relationship with the Zulu community is described and analysed...The volume closes with an excellent bibliographical section compiled by Fiona Bell. But, above all, the authors clear Bishop Colenso's name once and for all of unmerited ridicule and establish him as a major nineteenth century visionary and scholar."
Jan Marten Ivo Klaver, Heythrop Journal
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