Use of ICT in Mathematics

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The purpose of this study was to investigate the use of Information and Communication Technology in the teaching of polynomial and algebraic functions by mathematics teachers in Zimbabwean schools. . The research targeted mathematics teachers and a sample of twenty teachers was selected from the four high schools in Masvingo City , Zimbabwe. A survey was conducted to study the barriers preventing the integration and adoption of information and communication technology (ICT) in teaching mathematics . The researcher identified five major barriers such as: lack of teacher training on the use of ICT in teaching mathematics , inaccessibility of computers for use in mathematics classrooms, computer anxiety , teaching for examinations and inadequate financial support to purchase these gadgets. The researcher also conducted a practical exercise with graphical calculators , where "A" level mathematics students were tasked to solve classical polynomial functions problems using both graphical calculators and algebraic methods. The results of the exercise reveal


Jonatan Muzangwa trained as a Mathematics teacher at Jose Varona ,Cuba 1993 and obtained a Licenciate in Education in the Speciality of Mathematics. He furthered in mathematics by obtaining a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics at U.Z. ,Zimbabwe 1999. He completed a Master of Education in Science and Mathematics Education ,UZ,2011.
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